Draft Minutes

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on

 Thursday 14th April 2022 at 19.30hrs in the Garway Community Centre



Present … Councillors: Tony Phillips (Chairman), Chris Strange, Phil Tucker, Richard Sparey and Cara Campbell


Also, present were Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk) and one resident.


  1. Apologies for Absence – Councillor Rose Sparey


  1. Declarations of Interest & Requests for Dispensation – None


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting on 27th January 2022 – It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record, and these were signed by the Chairman.


  1. Open Session

4.1         Ward Councillor Toni Fagan was not present at the meeting, but Councillors confirmed receipt of an update on the old school.

  • Local Residents– No issues were raised.


  1. Sale of the old village hall – Councillors noted that the exchange of contracts is imminent with the completion of the sale expected in May 2022. Councillor Strange confirmed that he has perused the contractual documentation and was content especially as the key issues such as the ransom strip had been satisfactorily covered.


  1. Finance
    • The current bank balance is £54,872.34
    • It was RESOLVED to make the following payments:
      • Clerk’s salary in accordance with his employment contract (February 2022 & March 2022)
      • PAYE (February 2022 & March 2022) – £186.40
      • Postage – £7.92
      • Clerk’s travel expenses – £17.10
      • Clerk’s contractual expenses – £100.00
      • Microsoft 365 personal – £59.99
      • Stationery – £10.99
      • Hall Hire (April 2022) – £7.50
      • Lengthsman (TGC1770) – £470.00
      • Ethan Watkins (Tree Service) – £380.00
      • RoSPA Play Safety (Playground Inspection) – £96.60
      • Tindle Newspapers (Notice of Work on the Common) – £326.40
    • Garway Charities – The Chairman reported that he has identified a new trustee and will approach a second shortly with a view to continuing with the Garway Charities. Once two trustees are in place the Chairman will speak to the former administrator for the charities and arrange a handover.
    • Financial Monitoring – The Clerk reported that the Parish Council finances are sound with current reserves more than £54k but this includes money set aside for the improvements to the playground (£25k). It was RESOLVED that the Clerk drafts a Reserves Policy for consideration at the next meeting.
    • Renewal of Insurance Policy – Councillors considered the invitation for renewal from Zurich Municipal, and it was RESOLVED to accept the quotation and for the Clerk to notify the company accordingly.
    • Erroneous Invoice – Councillors noted that a previous invoice included an arithmetical error, and it was RESOLVED to make good the shortfall by submitting a further payment of £100.
    • Councillors noted the 1.75% increase in NALC pay scales effective from the 1st April 2021.
    • Councillor Strange agreed to store the Parish Council printer which had previously been kept in the Community Centre.


  1. Planning – No planning applications have been received for consideration. It was. However, RESOLVED that the Clerk seeks an update on the planning application at Caldicot Farm.


  1. Clerk Correspondence –Two pieces of clerk correspondence has been received for consideration for this meeting.

8.1       A resident had written raising concerns over work undertaken on a footpath close to Southwell Court. Councillors noted the concerns but added that the landowner is entitled to undertake work on his land which involved replacing pipes which had washed away.

8.2       A resident has expressed objection to extending the playground as part of the work in replacing the children’s play equipment. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk writes to the correspondents acknowledge their letter.


  1. Commons
    • Councillor Tucker provided feedback on the first meeting of the advisory group which established to consider all issues connected with the maintenance and protection of the Broad Oak and Garway Village Commons. On behalf of the advisory group Councillor Tucker sought and acquired the approval of the Parish Council for the following:
      • To cut back the bramble thickets in the central part of the Common and this will be undertaken free of charge by Mark Price.
      • To cut back bracken when it begins to emerge and then again in late summer and at the end of the year.
      • To erect signs to mitigate against any complaints from residents/visitors.
      • To undertake a risk assessment on all wind damaged trees on the Commons.

Other issues were raised at the advisory group meeting such as encroachment on the Commons, but it was agreed to defer these issues to the next meeting of the Parish Council. Councillor Strange indicated that he is available to join the advisory group. Councillors were content for a School and Platinum Jubilee event to take place on the Common on 28th April 2022 and 3 June 2022 respectively.


  • The landlord of The Moon public house was invited to address the Parish Council’s concerns that recent drainage work he had undertaken was contrary to what was previously agreed by Councillors. Following discussion, it was agreed that the location of the pipe must be accurately recorded, and the landlord offered to produce a sketch showing this information for consideration at the next meeting. In the meantime, it was RESOLVED that the Clerk seeks legal advice to establish the obligations, if any, of the landlord in this matter.
  • Councillors referred to the postponed discussion with the GHCA and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk invite them to the meeting in May 2022 noting that the issues will not be considered in closed session.


  1. Lengthsman – It was RESOLVED to invite Mr T W Evans to undertake maintenance work at The Noke as the quote was less than the one submitted by Terry Griffiths.


  1. Footpaths – Councillor Tucker reported the following issues:

11.1      The kissing gate on GW32 has been dealt with.

11.2      Evidence of a leaking sewage in GW6. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk reports the issue to Welsh Water.

11.3      Councillor Richard Sparey agreed to speak to the landowner whose hedge is encroaching a PROW.


  1. Children’s Playground – Work on the installation of the new play equipment is due to start on the week commencing the 9th May 2022. A working party is hoping to remove the old equipment during the weekend of 23rd/24th April 2022. It was suggested that Mr T W Evans be asked for a price to remove the concrete bases. The Parish Council may be asked to fund bark to be laid in the playground at a cost between £1k and £1.5k.


  1. Matters for the next meeting to take place on Thursday 26th May 2022.
    • Jubilee/Commons Celebrations.



Meeting closed at 21.05hrs.