Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held remotely on

 Thursday 21st May 2020 at 19.00 hrs


Present … Councillors: Tony Phillips (Chairman), Chris Strange, Cara Campbell, Rose Sparey and Richard Sparey


Ward Councillor Fagan, Parish Clerk Mark Hearne and four residents.


  1. Apologies for Absence…None.


  1. Declarations of Interest & Dispensation – There were none


  1. Election of Chairman – Councillor Philips was nominated by Councillor Strange and seconded by Councillor Campbell and was duly elected.


  1. Election of Vice Chairman – Councillor Strange was nominated by Councillor Campbell and seconded by Councillor Rose Sparey and was duly elected.


  1. Minutes of two previous meetings on 30th January 2020 and 25th February 2020

3.1       It was RESOLVED to adopt both sets the minutes as a true record and will be signed by the Chairman in due course.


  1. Open Session

6.1       Ward Councillor Toni Fagan raised the following issues:

6.1.1 – Covid 19 has yet to reach its peak in the county and it remains the advice of Herefordshire Council that people should stay at home. Herefordshire Council are leaving it up to schools when they re-open. The work of local community groups during the crisis has been tremendous.

6.1.2 – Herefordshire Council will face major challenges in meeting its plan over the next four years.

6.1.3 – The Planning Department at Herefordshire Council is now working remotely.

6.1.4 – There remains continuing concerns over drainage issues at St Mary’s Church.

6.1.5 – The examiner appointed to consider the NDP has been unable to visit the village because of Covid 19 but it is hopeful that it can proceed soon.


6.2       Local Residents– The following issues were raised:

6.2.1 – A resident commented on the apparent increased speed of larger vehicles travelling through the village.

6.2.2 – A resident raised the issue of the poor state of the road towards Kentchurch and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk to bring this to the attention of the Locality Steward.


  1. Planning … Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council

7.1       Planning Re-consultation – 191958 – Land at Broad Oak, Hereford – Erection of two residential dwellings (C3) with associated access and infrastructure. As the Herefordshire Council planning portal was not accessible Councillors were unable to confirm the details of the application. It RESOLVED that the Clerk check the details and re-affirm the original comments.

7.2       Planning Consultation – 201328 – Owl Cottage, Garway, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8RL – Proposed construction of a first-floor extension. Following discussion, Councillors decided to support the application and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk inform the LPA accordingly.

7.3       Planning Consultation – 200947 – Orchard Barn, Caldicott Farm, Broad Oak, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8QZ – Creation of a new vehicular access. Following discussion, Councillors decided to support the application and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk inform the LPA accordingly.


  1. Finance

8.1       The bank balance as at 30 April 2020 was £32,688.07. At the end of 2019/20, the bank balance was £24,671.17 which represents a healthy level of reserves. There was a brief discussion on the 2020/21 budget for grants/donations during which the Clerk confirmed the allocation had increased to £1500.00.


  1. Clerk Correspondence

9.1       A resident had asked if donations made to support the acquisition of the Commons could be refunded in full or part. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk investigate whether this was permissible and further discussion would be deferred until a subsequent meeting.

9.2       A resident had written highlighting drainage issues at White Rocks. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk contact the Locality Steward to arrange for a site visit with a drainage engineer from Balfour Beatty. It was further RESOLVED that the Clerk contact the lengthsman separately to arrange a meeting with Councillors Philips and Strange to review specific issues at White Rocks and at the same time discuss other issues which need attention. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk write to Mr John Benjamin to brief him on the course of action agreed by the Parish Council regarding White Rocks.


  1. Common –

10.1      There was a brief discussion on the draft Terms of Reference and it was RESOLVED that a cross section of the community should have the opportunity of joining the Working Group to consider the future governance arrangements for the Common. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk produce a notice to be published on the website and noticeboard inviting volunteers to step forward. It was noted that some of the trees on the Common would benefit from some pruning and this would be covered in the proposed discussion with the lengthsman.


10.2 – It was RESOLVED to defer issuing a letter of thanks to those who donated funds to support the acquisition of the Commons until there is clarity around the issue discussed at 9.1.


  1. NDP – The Clerk advised that Rosemary Kidd has been selected as the Examiner for the NDP. Ward Councillor Fagan mentioned that the NDP has only limited weight for planning purposes.



  1. Footpaths – The Footpaths Officer highlighted the following issues in his report.
    • No work has been undertaken on GW9 as yet.
    • Work has stalled on work to erect a fence and kissing gate on GW32 and currently it is not possible to access the footpath.
    • An aggressive dog on GW17 is discouraging walkers from using the footpath. It was RESOLVED that this is reported to the Locality Steward.
    • Part of TCO20 is currently closed due to flood damage.


  1. Lengthsman – It was RESOLVED to report the following issues to the lengthsman for investigation/action:
    • An overgrown branch at Domains Pitch.
    • A blocked pipe at Tennis Field Drive.
    • The relocation of the boulder from the Community Centre to positions adjacent to Ivy Cottage.
    • Part of the road at the Church Road and Garway Court Road junction has collapsed



  1. Matters for the next scheduled meeting in June 2020 – None were raised.


Meeting closed at 20.38 hrs