Draft Minutes

Minutes of an Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on

 Thursday 30th January 2020 at 19.00 in the Community Hall


Present … Councillors: Tony Phillips (Chairman), Chris Strange, Cara Campbell and Rose Sparey.

Parish Clerk Mark Hearne and six residents.


  1. Apologies for Absence…Councillors Craig Hooper and Richard Sparey.


  1. Declarations of Interest & Dispensation


2.1      Councillors Chris Strange declared a DPI interest against Agenda items 5.2.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting….27th November 2020

3.1       It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.


  1. Open Session

4.1       Ward Councillor Toni Fagan was not present but had circulated a written report.

4.2       Local Residents– Having established that the village bus stop belongs to the Parish Council a representative from Greener Garway Group described plans for cultivating a green roof on the bus shelter. There were no objections to the proposal although it was noted that weight might be an issue. The representative also mentioned a scheme organised by a national charity (Plantlife UK) which seeks to encourage greater biodiversity by allowing verges to be left longer before being cut. In principle, Councillors were content to support the initiative provided safety was not compromised.


  1. Planning … Comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council

5.1       Planning Application 194052 – Lemsford, Broad Oak, Herefordshire, HR2 8DZ – Site for the erection of one detached dwelling and two bungalows. Councillors were concerned that the proposed site was too close to a slurry lagoon and was outside the settlement boundary and for these reasons were not supportive of the planning application and it was RESOLVED that the clerk inform the LPA accordingly.

5.2       Planning Application 194250 – Land adjacent to St Mary’s Roman, Broad Oak, Herefordshire – Proposed installation of a new phase overhead electricity line. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED to support the proposal and that the clerk notifies the LPA accordingly.

5.3       Planning Application 194144 – Pen Y Fedw, Garway, Herreford, HR2 8RB – Proposed renovation and extension. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would inform the LPA accordingly.

5.4       Planning Application 194227 – Half Acre Broad Oak, Hereford, HR2 8QX – Proposed first floor extension to dwelling and dependants’ annexe. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED to support the proposal and that the clerk notifies the LPA accordingly.


  1. Finance …

6.1       The bank balance as at 31 December 2019 was £28,146.16

  • It was RESOLVED to make the following payments
    • Clerk’s salary (December 2019) as per employment contract

6.2.2    PAYE (November 2019)- £90.60

6.2.3    Stationery – £69.05

  • Postage – £7.32
  • Travel – £15.30
  • Lengthsman – £1148.37

6.2.7    Previous Clerk (reimbursement of software costs) – £79.99

6.2.8    H Vaughan Vaughan – £1058.00

6.2.9    Dore Community Transport – £300.00


  • Request for donation towards church signage. Following discussion, it was RESOLVED to donate £150.00 to cover the cost of church signage. The Chairman added that it might be necessary to seek permission to erect the sign


  1. Common – Transfer of the Common – Following the transfer of the common to the Parish Council there was brief discussion on future governance arrangements, but it was RESOLVED that this would be more appropriate for an extraordinary meeting. Other issues to be tabled for discussion during the extraordinary meeting to include a proposed letter of thanks to financial supporters and arrangements for a celebration to mark the transfer.


  1. NDP – Councillors approved the draft NDP which will now be submitted to Herefordshire Council to begin the Regulation 16 consultation.


  1. Footpaths – Councillors approved the appointment of Maggie Tucker as the new Footpaths Officer. It was RESOLVED that the clerk notify the PROW team at Herefordshire Council accordingly.


  1. Lengthsman – Councillor Chris Strange highlighted the following issues that the clerk should bring to the attention of the lengthsman.

10.1 – To relocate and split the boulder currently situated on the Community Centre drive to positions adjacent to Ivy Cottage in order to afford some protection to the verges. It was RESOLVED that the clerk seek permission from the Garway Village Hall Committee.

10.2 – The lengthsman to investigate drainage issues at Tennis Field Drive and report back with his findings and estimated costs.

10.3 – The lengthsman to investigate a blocked pipe at the bottom of Dingle Corner and report back with his findings.

Other issues raised during the meeting included a pothole close to Garway Corner. It was RESOLVED for the clerk to report the issue to the Locality Steward. It was further RESOLVED for the clerk to report, to the Locality Steward, a blocked drain adjacent to the cattle grid at White Rocks.


  1. Garway Common Playground – Councillors recognised the need to redesign the playground with new equipment in the next 18 months but in advance of this work it was RESOLVED to procure bark to be placed on the playground at a cost of £450 plus VAT. It was further RESOLVED for the clerk to identify three companies who supply playground equipment.


  1. Issues Outside the Public House – Councillor Strange mentioned the poor state of the verges outside the public house. It was agreed that this should be included on the agenda for the extraordinary meeting arranged for the 27th February 2020.


  1. Community Speed Watch – In recognition of the failure of some motorists to observe the 20 mph speed zones in the village it was RESOLVED that the clerk would ask the local police to undertake a speed check and explore the Community Speed Watch initiative.


  1. Clerk Correspondence

14.1A resident raised the continuing issue revolving around damage to verges as a result of building work on the site to the north of Ivy Cottage. Whilst there was an acceptance that remedial work could not commence at this time of year, it was RESOLVED that the clerk would again write to the contractor reminding him of his commitment to make good the verges. In the meantime, it was agreed that the clerk would investigate the cost of plastic bollards which could be positioned on the verges.

14.2 – A resident had written about concerns over a ditch in Broad Oak close to the disused Catholic Church. It was RESOLVED that the clerk write to Belmont Abbey to bring this issue to their attention.

14.3 – Concerns over the damaged verges close to the building work close to Ivy Cottage prompted correspondence from another resident. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would reply explaining what actions the Parish Council had taken in response to this issue.


  1. Matters for the extraordinary meeting scheduled for Thursday 27th February 2020 and the next scheduled meeting on Thursday 9th April 2020 both at 19.00hrs.


Meeting closed at 20.36 hrs