Council Business

Parish Councillors are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council on Wednesday 27th November 2019 at 19.00hrs in the Village Hall



  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
  3. To approve minutes of meeting of the 16th October 2019
  4. Open Session

4.1 To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor

4.2 To receive views of local residents on parish matters.


  1. Planning…. To consider the following planning applications:

5.1     Application 193533 – Land to the west of St Mary’s Church, Broad Oak -Variation of a condition 2 of planning permission 183951/F (Two detached dwellings with vehicle access). Amendments to design of Plot 1.

5.2    Application 193555 – Stone barns into a single residential dwelling (C3) along with works necessary for conversion.


  1. Finance

6.1      To note the current bank balances

6.2      To consider any outstanding payments

6.3      Draft precept and budget 2020/21

6.4      Financial Monitoring 2019/20

6.5      Request from Village Hall Charity for grant to cover cost of legal support

(£1700 + VAT)

  • Request for donation from Dore Community Transport


  1. Common

7.1      Update on the transfer of the Common.

7.2      Consider the future governance arrangements for the Common.

7.3      Use of the Common by Ross Harriers


  1. White Rocks Lane Landside Repairs – Consider request from residents for

Parish Council support for the diversion of existing track.




  1. 9. Sale of The Old Village Hall

9.1      To consider the process required should the Parish Council to explore the

purchasing the Old Village Hall


  1. Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • To receive an update on the current position on the NDP.


  1. Footpaths

11.1   To receive a report from the Footpaths Officer & consider work to be


11.2    To consider correspondence from Mike Goodwin.


  1. 12. Lengthsman

 12.1   To receive an update and consider outstanding invoices and future work.

12.2   To consider to the drafting a contract for future lengthsman activities

12.3   Clearing ditch at Garway Cross


  1. Adoption of Standing Orders 2019 & Financial Regulations 2019


  1. Clerk Correspondence

            14.1    Garway Common Playground

14.2    Issues outside the public house and Broad Oak


  1. To raise matters for the next meeting.


  1. To consider the date of the next meeting.